1. Which courses are available?
    FATO has many courses available. Click here for the courses
  2. Where is the Business?
    The contacts page has information on where the Business is based. Click here for the contacts page.
  3. Is First Aid Training necessary and what can it be used for?
    Necessary as it's a requirement of the Health and Safety Work Act
    Is useful in real life situations
    First Aid certificates can be used for GCSE subjects such as P.E and Science (Looks good on your CV and is useful for UCAS application.)
    Useful for jobs and work experience opportunities.
  4. How much does the course cost?
    It depends on the course, location and its duration. If you're booking as a group the cost would be lower. We may offer a discount for non-profit organisations.
  5. What type of organisation is FATO?
    FATO is an independent organisation, which specialises in courses such as pediatric first aid courses and child minders courses etc.
  6. How can FATO help me?
    As a student, training with the organisation could boost your chances to get in to university, as you have knowledge of First Aid. This knowledge can be helpful especially if you're aiming to study courses like medicine at university. We can help you support your study financially.
    As a business, it's a legal requirement for all businesses to comply with the health and safety regulations. First aid training is needed. A safe business is always more profitable. We can also advise you on health and safety matters; furthermore we can help you with risk assessments.
  7. How long does it take to get a FATO certificate?
    Certificates are given after payment. It is also possible to get the certificate on the day of the exam.